In a data-driven, fast-paced marketspace, reliable valuations are essential in making informed, critical decisions.

As an industry leader, we offer a diverse suite of products and solutions to support the various use cases of valuations, ranging from origination, through mortgage servicing, foreclosure, bankruptcy, liquidation, REO, due diligence / acquisition, collateral assessment, and single-family rental.

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Our philosophy around valuations is to provide products that are thoroughly supported with data, analytics and logic, while ensuring each product aligns with its intended use.

Digitally-Empowered Real Estate Valuations


Real estate valuations have entered a new era where analytic tools are drastically improving accuracy and precision. Guardian works at the forefront of value modernization to make the process more reliable, transparent, and cost-effective. We analyze large datasets, covering recent sales, market activity, property features, and market trends, to generate supreme confidence in our products.

Quality and Compliance


We maintain a rigorous, multi-stage quality control and assurance workflow, utilizing both technology and trained personnel to evaluate our products prior to delivery. In addition, and as applicable to the product, we maintain the highest standards in compliance surrounding regulations, including IAG (Interagency Guidelines), USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).

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Rapid order deployment to our robust network of appraisers ensures a timely and quality driven product. Appraisal services provided to residential and commercial assets include:

  • 1004 Residential Appraisal Conv, USDA, FHA, W/216 and 1007
  • 1004C, A004D, 1007 1025, 1073,1075,2055,2090,2095,216
  • Income approach, sales comparison, cost approach

Broker Price Opinions

Our interior and exterior BPO products are designed to meet your specific account, product, and industry compliant requirements. Our experts are knowledgeable in the marketplace and will ensure that you receive reliable price estimates for your assets. Each report is reviewed for quality by our team of highly trained Quality Assurance analysts. Our BPOs are trusted for purchase, securitization, market-to-market, servicing, and default transactions.

Automated Valuation Models and Values (AVMs) and (AAVs)

Guardian’s industry leading AVV offers our clients the most comprehensive visual valuation in the industry. AI/ML damage detection models coupled with the next generation of home price indexing, forecasting, analytics, and repair cost estimation to the zip code, provides the industry’s only all in one decisioning tool.

Value Reconciliations

Opinions of value on a piece of property often vary from report to report and professional to professional. That’s why Guardian offers a value reconciliation process that compares multiple valuation products along with listing and sales data, courthouse records, and satellite mapping images.

Hybrid Reports

Offering a variety of customized valuation solutions for our clients, Guardian ensures a quality product, rapidly delivered at a reduced cost than industry peers. Solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Desktop Review
  • Desktop Appraisal with Inspection
  • Desktop Appraisal with 2D Floor Plan
  • Collateral review with property inspection and data set
  • Quality and condition Inspection

Why Guardian is the Only Choice for Inspections and Preservation

With years of experience in property inspections and preservation, Guardian Asset Management has the expertise to handle all your property management needs.

We maintain the highest level of professionalism in all our mortgage field services to ensure compliance and minimize reputational risk. With Guardian Asset Management, you can be assured that your property is in the hands of professionals who care.

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