Guardian offers real estate title services that facilitate the process of transferring ownership of a property, refinancing of existing mortgage, or opening of a second mortgage or equity line.

We coordinate with the various parties involved in the transaction, including the seller, buyer, real estate agents, attorneys, lenders, borrowers and any other party needed to verify all necessary documents are prepared and signed.

We work with buyers, sellers, lenders, attorneys to obtain the necessary title documents, such as deeds, mortgages, and lien releases, to ensure that all loan documents are properly prepared and executed.

See included services below:

Title Searches

Be certain that there are no liens or other claims against the property that could prevent the transfer of ownership.

Title Insurance

Protects you from any losses that may occur if there are defects in the title that were not discovered during the title search.


Ensure that all funds are properly disbursed and that all documents are properly executed before the transfer of ownership takes place. We facilitate the recording timely to make sure the land records are up to date.

Regulatory Compliant Transactions Without the Stress


At Guardian, our goal is to remove complexity and opacity from the title process, giving you a better understanding of your risks and opportunities and helping to facilitate fast and smooth closings. Our skilled real estate professionals, attorneys, and title agents are experts in examining searches, preparing commitments, closing transactions and ultimately issuing a policy to the necessary parties depending on transaction type. A real estate process has a lot of moving parts and we pride ourselves in taking ownership to ensure that all pieces are handled seamlessly with perfect results.

Investor Services


As an investor you have different needs than that of a typical borrower. We are well suited to assist you with a myriad of services to help you make informed decisions, transact to increase/decrease inventory, securitize assets, and/or perform due diligence on assets as well. We can assist with custom data tapes that assist with the disposition of populations of loans or assets or support you in bulk transactions.

Customized Title Reports


Guardian produces a variety of title products to meet the needs of our customers with fast, efficient turnarounds. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive information possible, so that you can make informed decisions about your real estate investment.

Your Title is Our Priority

Leave nothing to chance. Protect your investments by partnering with Guardian to obtain complete insight into the current status of your property(ies) and allow us the opportunity to support you in providing the coverage you need. No matter what type of product or service we are assisting you with, customer service is always at our forefront and is paramount in all aspects of our operation.

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