Guardian’s Property Registration solution expedites the legal process by which the ownership of a property is formally recorded and recognized by the relevant government authorities.

We help establish the legal ownership and boundaries of the property, and protect the rights of the property owner.

Comprehensive Property Registrations


At Guardian, we greatly simplify the process of registering your property with the relevant government authorities. Our detailed inspection reports and robust technology allow us to monitor each asset for vacancy, ensuring that we can immediately complete the required documentation to register the property on behalf of our clients.

We work closely with each municipality throughout the country to ensure that each ordinance is observed and that your property is properly registered.

Utility, Police Fire and HOA Payment Monitoring


Guardian completes property registrations for our clients during the course of our property management. Through our detailed inspection report and robust technology, our staff monitors each asset for vacancy and immediately completes the required documentation to register the property on behalf of our client. Guardian is on the forefront of working with each municipality throughout the country ensuring each ordinance is observed.

Upon assignment or when a property becomes vacant, Guardian researches and identifies the local utility, police, fire and HOA for payment. Each payment is recorded, tracked and monitored throughout our management of the asset. Our property management platform allows our clients the ability to view individual utility / HOA payments or total payments at the property level to help monitor P & L.

The Guardian Difference

Our experienced staff is committed to ensuring that your property is properly registered and that all payments are recorded and tracked, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is well attended to.

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