Our Asset Management solutions are designed to optimize real estate portfolios in ways that directly align with management objectives.

We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully accomplish this by approaching each property individually and strategically, resulting in enhanced execution.

Our experienced asset team effectively identifies opportunities and risks within portfolios, and builds and executes comprehensive asset-level management plans by leveraging integration, analytics, technology and real-time market data. Our clients have full transparency into our enhanced web-based platform to ensure collaboration during the facilitation of management strategies, including As-Is, Repaired, Auction, Rental Conversion, Occupied, and Off-Market.

Traditional Asset Management

Our end-to-end asset management solution is built on a partnership philosophy with our clients. From the onset at on-boarding, we collaborate to develop a customized workflow specific to each customer’s unique portfolio make up, strategic objectives and overall requirements. As we implement this workflow within our technology platform, we maintain the responsibility of proactively identifying and addressing market changes to maximize value and mitigate financial risk and exposure.

Asset Strategy and Reconciliation

We deliver comprehensive asset strategy reports, supported by leading analytics, so that our clients can effectively determine optimal management paths. Our resources, networks and vertically integrated services offer a unique capability to aggregate valuation, market and repair data. Expert asset management teams then thoroughly analyze and reconcile this detail, providing clients with best-execution reports.

Component Asset Management

Our marketspace permits various management philosophies and levels of partnerships with service providers. To support these diverse philosophies, we offer components of traditional asset management as individual solutions, while ensuring our clients maintain the same superior service. These components include but are not limited to: Repair Management; Eviction Management; Closing & Title Management; Preservation Oversight; Vendor Management and Portfolio Oversight.

Property Management

As an alternative or complement to disposition, we help clients establish rental portfolios upon acquisition or through REO conversion. Coupled with our property and tenant maintenance programs, our operations are geared to scale portfolios by offering effective tools and programs designed to maximize yield, while minimizing vacancy and tenant-turn timelines. Our solution flows fluidly with our disposition services as should strategy change, rental units can be converted into a liquidation workflow.