Property Maintenance

We are committed to the continuous care and upkeep of REO properties. Upon completion of initial services, we perform monthly, bi-weekly or weekly lawn maintenance and refresh cleans, pool cleaning services, lawn sprinkler services and snow removal as needed. Our property maintenance team is focused on ensuring maintenance is consistently performed to maximize marketability, comply with local ordinances and decrease days on market. Our property maintenance services promote continued curb appeal and pride of ownership to all homes.

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Lawn Maintenance

Routine lawn maintenance begins once a property has undergone all initial services. Cut schedules can be established as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on our client's needs. Our lawn services include, but are not limited to: mowing all areas of the property, weed eating, edging walkways, trimming trees and shrubs, weeding and mulching flower beds and removal of all lawn clippings.

Routine Clean

Routine sales cleans maintain the property in a "show to ready", clean, presentable and safe environment. Our routine cleans include: appliance cleaning, cleaning cabinets, counter tops, sinks and faucets, tubs, showers, toilets, ceiling fans, mirrors, light fixtures, HVAC vents, vacuum carpets, wet mop vinyl / ceramic floors and clean baseboards, clean ceramic walls and place new air fresheners on countertops.

Pool Cleaning Service

Pool services are available at our client's request. Our services range from start-up (drain, acid wash, refill, chemical balance) to equipment repair and replacement if necessary. To help marketability of the property, on routine lawn services, we test pool water, adding chemicals accordingly, clean skimmer basket, brushing, vacuuming and backwashing.

Lawn Sprinkler Services

Upon client request, lawn sprinkler systems are tested and repaired where necessary. Systems and timers are set to ensure the lawns and or flower beds receive the necessary amount of water to flourish and stay green. At the end of the season, we blow out and properly winterize lawn sprinklers to ensure system integrity.

Snow Removal

Snow removal will be performed in lieu of lawn maintenance during winter months. We utilize state of the art weather systems and technology to prepare and order necessary snow removal service ensuring compliance with city and local town ordinances.