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Guardian Asset Management is an industry leader providing our clients a comprehensive range of solutions to help manage and maintain their properties effectively yielding the highest return.

For banks, servicers, hedge funds and government entities that need a full suite of property management solutions under one roof, Guardian Asset Management combines the power of a national footprint and dedicated local market expertise with a customized and comprehensive approach that minimizes risk, increases overall portfolio performance, and reduces associated expenses.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our track record of providing high-quality services to government agencies, mortgage servicers, GSE’s , asset management firms, and banking institutions is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Our flat rate pricing structure sets us apart, ensuring that you won’t encounter any hidden fees or surprises. This makes budgeting and forecasting a breeze, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what’s important.


Deep Industry Partnerships

Working with agencies, government, and large to small banks and servicers, our client-centric workflow and product mix has created trusting and long lasting partnerships within the industry. Our unique partnership approach instills confidence with our clients, that our service, products and delivery are never compromised.


Comprehensive Services

Guardian offers a comprehensive range of property management services. As a national leader in the industry, we have the expertise and experience to deliver consistent and high-quality services ensuring client satisfaction.

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Property Preservation

We help property owners to maintain the condition and value of their assets with interior and exterior inspections, insurance loss inspections, winterization, trash removal, and maintenance services such as lawn care, pool cleaning, janitorial and snow removal. It is a comprehensive solution to protect and preserve the asset ensuring highest and best return on disposition.


Single Family Rental Services

Guardian offers construction and renovation services that help investors improve the value of their rental home portfolio and achieve the highest and best market rent. In addition, turn maintenance services ensure that the property is in excellent condition between tenants. Our rental collection and tenant management services provide property owners reliable and efficient rental income collection, while Guardian performs maintenance services ensuring tenants receive the highest and best service.


Title Services

Get expert help handling a wide range of property transactions, including refinance and purchase transactions, as well as complete servicing for REO property that failed to sell at foreclosure. Our title services also provide foreclosure searches and due diligence services, securitization and bulk transactions, and standalone curative and clearance services.


Valuation Services

Through an innovative and industry first approach, Guardian provides a full suite of valuation products and tools on both residential and commercial properties. Using a variety of proprietary AI/ML models to determine quality and condition, coupled with integrated repair and market data, Guardian is setting the standard for clients to accurately and rapidly understand their asset value. This comprehensive approach empowers clients with thoroughly supported resources when determining lending, servicing, assessment, disposition or strategic decisions.


Asset Management

Guardian simplifies the challenges of managing diverse real estate portfolios through an asset-level strategic approach. This, coupled with a configurable workflow and proprietary modeling, mitigates risk while driving optimal execution. As a best-in-class service provider, Guardian’s client-centric design ensures clients will benefit from various solutions, including traditional asset management, component REO solutions, market strategy development and analysis, and auction services.


Document Services

Property owners and investors who need assistance with managing their properties can take advantage of Guardian’s essential document services such as vacant property registrations, HOA diligences and payment services, utility processing, foreclosure registration services, and more. We make it easy for our clients to easily comply with local regulations and legal requirements.


Shield Your Assets From Risk and Unnecessary Expenses by Using Guardian

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and support. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your property management needs.

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